Anderlecht makes transparent face masks for deaf residents

Anderlecht makes transparent face masks for deaf residents
Credit: Belga

The municipality of Anderlecht has made transparent masks for deaf and hard of hearing people who use lip-reading to communicate, as well as for their relatives, the municipality announced Wednesday.

The masks were designed under the technical supervision of the municipality, its referring doctor and a deaf town councillor. They were then produced within the non-profit organisation paracommunale Mulieris, an Anderlecht workshop for socio-professional reintegration.

Interested Anderlecht residents can have up to 4 masks per person. They should send their requests by e-mail to this address, mentioning their surname, first name, telephone number and the number of masks they want.

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Their orders can then be collected from the Health Centre located in rue d'Aumale on 18, 20 and 23 November from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, upon presentating an identity card.

The municipality of Anderlecht has taken this initiative with the aim of equal opportunities, in order to facilitate communication for people with a hearing impairment who use lip-reading in their communication.

It also considered that the cost of the existing transparent masks was high and therefore decided to take charge of their production in the municipality.

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