Flemish government invests €100,000 in video games

Flemish government invests €100,000 in video games
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Flanders’ video game sector will get a €100,000 boost from the Flemish government to bridge the coronavirus period, Youth Minister Benjamin Dalle announced.

Despite having grown significantly in recent years, the sector has also been hit by the pandemic.

About 70% of Belgium’s gaming companies are in Flanders, hence the Flemish government’s decision to support the sector.

"Flanders has a thriving and innovative games sector,” Dalle said at the launch of the PlayStation 5, a new console. “The arrival of a new platform creates new technological applications and opportunities. It is important that we invest in our game companies.”

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In addition to the €100,000, the Flemish government invests around €1.5 million per year through the gaming fund of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

The gaming fund will also receive part of an additional €15 million earmarked for better support for producers and strengthening of the VAF as part of the relaunch.

Global video game sales reached a record high during the first lockdown, with overall video game sales being up 11% year-on-year in March.

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