Antwerp dad and daredevil baby make headline news in US

Antwerp dad and daredevil baby make headline news in US
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Kenny Deuss is a sound engineer from Antwerp for an events organiser, and the closure of the sector means he can stay home to look after Alix, now 18 months old.

And that is why new now has 40,000 followers on Instagram, articles in the Daily Mail and a report on Fox News in the US – Alix is the star of her own Instagram adventure, made up of photos of her in all manner of hair-raising, extremely dangerous situations, like sitting on the edge of a cliff, rocketing through space or taking a tour in a washing machine.

Just to be clear, all the photos are faked,” he explained to Het Laatste Nieuws.

The idea came to him as his partner would call up every day to ask for a photo of whatever the baby was up to. He decided to put his Photoshop training to good use.

Then I decided to make something fun out of it,” he said. “I always showed her our daughter in a different dangerous situation.”

And from the odd practical joke, it grew into a habit.

I now take a picture every week. In many photos I just hold Alix and then cut myself out. Then I add a particular decor to create a dangerous situation.”

He then decided to post the photos to Instagram, and since then has seen his follower count jump from 200 to over 47,000, with media enquiries from VTM News, NOS youth news in the Netherlands, and the German TV station RTL.

Yesterday we were also in the well-known British newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail,” he said. “But I get messages from all over the world. It doesn't stop.”

Then Fox News got in touch.

Two days ago I got a message from the talk show ‘The Five’ asking if they could use the photos. I agreed, but then I heard nothing more about it. Last night I suddenly gained 10,000 followers and while I was wondering where they had come from so suddenly, messages came in that we had been on Fox. In the meantime I have also seen the fragment myself via the internet. Awesome.”

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