Blood stocks in critical shortage, Red Cross pleads for donations

Blood stocks in critical shortage, Red Cross pleads for donations
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Belgium’s stock of red blood cells is very low the Red Cross warned on Sunday.

Due to the pandemic the Red Cross does not envision stocks to "refill in the coming weeks," the organisation said, calling on citizens to make donations.

"The new measures have affected the number of blood donor collections that we can organise, in particular in high schools, universities and companies which have been told to do tele-working or study from home. The situation prevents donors from travelling to our blood donation centres and therefore strongly decreases even our most optimistic forecasts."

Meanwhile, hospitals still have a relatively high level of activity for non-covid patients as well.

"The consequence is that in terms of blood transfusion, the demand of our fellow anesthetists, emergency physicians, oncologists and other prescribers remains high and has not decreased contrary to what we observed during the first wave," Red Cross pointed out.

The organisation appeals to citizens to make blood donations urgently. "We need to increase our stock from almost 2 to 3,000 bags within 21 days," they emphasised.

The blood donation collection centres have extended their opening hours and donors can make an appointment themselves (compulsory) via the website

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