Reopening Belgium's businesses must be 'seriously' considered on Friday

Reopening Belgium's businesses must be 'seriously' considered on Friday
Credit: Belga

The reopening of businesses and the hospitality industry in Belgium must be seriously considered on Friday, according to the Minister of the Self-Employed, David Clarinval.

"In view of the next Consultative Committee on 27 November, I will plead for the reopening of shops and the hospitality sector to be seriously considered," he said.

"If a pure and simple reopening cannot be envisaged in the short term, I will propose relaxing the current measures," Clarinval told the House Economics Committee

He specifically referred to an extension of the 'click & collect' scheme for repair and garment service providers, as well as businesses receiving customers by appointment.

On Friday, the representatives of the federal government and the representatives of the Communities and Regions will meet again for a Consultative Committee.

The main question on the agenda is expected to be whether to maintain or relax the current "strict lockdown measures" in force since 30 October, and scheduled to run until 13 December.

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