Let's stop the global warming together!

Let's stop the global warming together!

It’s been almost a year since another article of "World Scientist's Warning of a Climate Emergency" was published by the BIOSCIENCE magazine.

More than eleven thousand of scientists from 153 countries signed this warning. Recognized science authorities and numerous Nobel prize winners declared that the climate crisis is progressing much faster than expected, and soon the unspeakable suffering awaits humanity.

Humanity and nature are indeed about to clash. Continuous population growth, development of industry, agriculture, and livestock farming caused a temperature increase by 2.5 degrees Celsius in the South-West of Antarctica, over the last 50 years. The Antarctic's ice mass is decreasing, and so is the speed of its reduction. The temperature of frozen rocks in Alaska and Western Siberia is rising.

The society of scientists continuously monitors the ice areas in the Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctica, and the results of observation are causing a great deal of concern. This concern is starting to affect more and more people on the planet. About ten years ago, 38% of the USA residents believed that there was no such thing as global warming, but as time goes, the number of skeptics is drastically reducing.

Because of temperature growth, the sea level is rising. There are regional changes in precipitation amounts, hot weather, and the expansion of deserts. Research by the UNO indicates that humanity has reached the point where climate change becomes irreversible.

Environmental studies, before the appearance of "Warnings to the humanity," were conducted for centuries and activated in the 70s of the last century when the Roman club received the "Limits of Growth" report, concluding that population growth and nature of consumption will lead to severe shocks to humanity. Since 1972, many updated reports were published, and concerns regarding climate change kept increasing in every single one of them.

Currently, there is a consensus regarding the reasons for global warming, foremost of which are emissions of greenhouse gas, which are mainly water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen oxide. If the water vapor is the natural greenhouse gas, then the anthropogenic factors affect the concentration growth of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

Based on the analysis of the air bubbles in the ancient glaciers, the following conclusion was made: Currently, there is more methane in the Earth's atmosphere than ever before in the last 400,000 years. The methane has 20 times more greenhouse activity than carbon dioxide. The greenhouse activity of nitrous oxide is 300 times higher than carbon dioxide’s.

What makes this situation very complicated is that the primary source of greenhouse gas is the agricultural industry, which provides our planet with food. The continuous growth of the population requires a constant increase in the production of the farming industry. Nevertheless, a large part of the population continues to lack nutrition. We are concluding that the current level of goods manufacture is not excessive and cannot be restricted without birth control. The idea of birth control is considered non-ethical in most communities.

The solution to the uneasy situation is the restriction of greenhouse gas emissions specified in the Kyoto Protocol. The primary way to provide this restriction is to widely adopt technologies that will prevent greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

In 2015, businessmen Ovik Mkrtchyan and Mkhitar Mkhitaryan established the SIA EGG ENERGY company, which utilizes the chicken droppings of Balticovo’s company, the largest enterprise in Northern Europe. The company produces over 800 million eggs a year, 70% of which are exported to more than 20 countries. Organic waste of such large poultry farm could have become an environmental bomb, but luckily it didn't.  The company’s responsibility is to utilize chicken droppings.

"Ovik Mkrtchyan co-founder of SIA "EGG ENERGY"

Businessman Ovik Mkrtchyan co-founder of SIA "EGG ENERGY"

Mkhitar Mkhitaryan co-founder of SIA "EGG ENERGY"

Businessman Mkhitar Mkhitaryan co-founder of SIA "EGG ENERGY"

It’s processed into biogas using modern technology and sent for the needs of consumers. Waste from biogas production is used for the production of highly effective fertilizers used in organic agriculture. Production of biogas is the most effective method of preventing methane and nitrous oxide emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, the activity of a small European enterprise has a global meaning. Ecologically dangerous waste is processed into heat, electro energy, and fertilizers. Also, in addition to the worldwide benefit of all humankind, it brings profit.

European businessman, Ovik Mkrtchyan, quotes: "The truth is, if the attitude of the entrepreneurial community doesn’t change, threatening scenarios of a climate change will become a reality. Unfortunately, our community still hasn’t realized the actual danger of these climate changes. Global ecological catastrophe is perceived as a possible event in the far future. But it isn’t so. The temperature growth caused by greenhouse gas emissions can lead to the explosive release of methane bound in the ocean water column and frozen grounds. If this happens, we will become witnesses of catastrophic climate change within the lifetime of a single generation. We must act now”.

The examples of successful implementation of modern processing technology demonstrate the awareness of the humanity of responsibility to future generations. Apocalyptic prognoses of climate change may never come true.

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