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BritCham has launched the 8th edition of its personal finance conference

BritCham has launched the 8th edition of its personal finance conference

The Expat Financial Affairs conference is unique in Belgium, as it brings together all the key financial issues where foreign nationals living here regularly have questions.

This year it’s online of course, but you’ll still have the chance to get an expert briefing on the issues that matter to you and follow up directly with your own individual questions. That also means that it’s easy for anyone to attend – wherever they happen to be!

Why is the chamber of commerce holding this event?

The idea of putting together something addressing expat needs came up while talking to our members, many of whom are expats themselves, says Dan Dalton, Chief Executive of BritCham.

They had lots of questions about finance-related matters, and not just that. We soon discovered that their questions were those of many other expats in Brussels. So, it only made sense that we take the lead in organising a conference that is open to all expats in Belgium in general that aims to answer their practical questions.

Who is it for?

The event isn’t just for those with a special ‘Expat’ tax status, but for all foreign nationals living in Belgium, no matter how long or short their time here, who would like to get financial advice in English.

It’s also for people of all ages. We cover the things that tend to matter to young professionals getting established in their career just as much for those in mid-career thinking of their family’s needs and those approaching retirement or already retired.

The event is a great opportunity for both our member community and for expats wishing to learn more about managing their finances and have access to leading companies focused on servicing their needs.

How is the event organised? Do all the workshops go on at the same time, so you have to choose or can you take part in all of them?

The conference features 3 rounds of workshops, with 3 workshops taking place in each round from which attendees need to choose. Essentially, each attendee can participate in maximum 3 workshops but a recording of all the sessions will be available to all those attending, so you don’t have to miss out on anything. The workshops are offered by experts from our Main Sponsor, ING and our other supporting partners.

What topics are covered?

There’ll be sessions on financing and buying a property, pensions, investments and even wills and estate planning.

Property is a regular area where people have questions. For example, people often come to Belgium for a couple of years and are still here 10 or 20 years later. They may prefer to rent initially and can be put off buying a property due to high taxes on purchase, but with such low rates of interest the cost of borrowing can mean that it is a sensible option particularly if you plan to stay for more than 5 years.

Aside from buying your home, funding a decent pension will be your next most important commitment. We are all aware of changing demographics, people living longer and less workers paying into the state systems which will fund state pensions for future generations. The onus is down to employers and individuals and they wish to understand the tax efficient solutions available to them.

As you near retirement you want to make sure your hard-earned savings are working hard for you. So that’s the point where you want trusted advice, especially given that low interest rates make that a more challenging task.

The virtual Expat Financial Affairs Event will take place on December 10th.

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