Hairdressers to ask Belgian PM for earlier reopening on Tuesday

Hairdressers to ask Belgian PM for earlier reopening on Tuesday
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Representatives of the union for hairdressers and other so-called contact professions, will meet Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Tuesday to discuss a possible earlier restart.

According to the current measures, professions requiring close contact with clients, such as hairdressers and beauticians, are on hold until 15 January.

However, the Union des classes moyennes (UCM - Union of the middle cass) will meet with De Croo on Tuesday at 9:30 AM to plead for a reopening of the hairdressers, the union announced on Monday.

"In the face of the epidemic, we must keep our cool and let the activities that do not pose a serious health problem run," the UCM said. "If the government wants to keep the support of the population, it must remain rational in its decisions."

The union also stressed that no study has shown that hairdressing salons are places where the virus circulates.

Additionally, it pointed out that sanitary measures have been put in place in these salons from the first lockdown: hairdressers only receive clients by appointment, masks are mandatory, capes and towels are for single-use, among others.

"These measures have a direct cost, estimated at between €1,500 and €2,000 per salon, and an indirect cost due to the limited number of clients," the organisation added in a press release.

This is why it will ask on Tuesday for the reopening of hairdressing salons, but also plead for an earlier opening of beauty salons and gyms. "In these activities too, safety is guaranteed, much more than in swimming pools."

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