Which animals returned to Belgium in 2020?

Which animals returned to Belgium in 2020?
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2020 may have been a year known for many things – and one thing in particular – but it was also seemingly the year that Belgium saw the return of some animals to within the border.

While Noëlla and August, two wolves regularly spotted in Belgium, made headlines repeatedly this year, they were far from the only animals spotted in the country. Here’s a recap.

Otters returned to West Flanders, in the province of Antwerp but also in Wallonia, Natuurpunt said Monday. This is a remarkable fact since there had only been a handful of reports in Flanders since the end of the 80s.

Beavers returned to all provinces of the country for the first time since 1848. It was first spotted this time around in the city centre of Bruges in March, with experts reporting a stable spread across the country since then.

Several red deer were seen in Limburg. They are part of a growing population of about 30 animals, which are spread over different groups, spread across borders in the Netherlands.

Last summer we got a big surprise, when the first evidence of a lynx in Belgium came to light. This would be the first appearance in over 100 years, but it remains to be confirmed where exactly the animal is from.

According to Natuurpunt, expectations are high that a jackal will be spotted in Belgium this year after sightings in the Netherlands in 2020 – so if you see one, or any other animal, let us know.

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