Brussels Airport stops checking temperatures

Brussels Airport stops checking temperatures
Credit: Belga

Brussels Airport has taken the decision to remove the temperature reading before entering the departure hall, the Airport announced on Monday.

"Given the high number of passengers tested on departure, and the fact that practice shows that the number of passengers with high temperature is very low, the temperature control in the departure hall will be removed," the spokeswoman of the airport told Belga.

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According to the Airport, around 70% of departing passengers are now tested before their trip, since more and more countries require a negative test certificate to enter their territory.

While the checks are gone, all other health measures remain in force, including the testing on arrival for Belgian residents over 6 years old who have spent more than 48 hours in the red zone.

Since December 31, 24,000 tests have already been conducted, reports the airport. Non-residents have to present a PCR test prior to their trip to Belgium.

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