Belgian says push-ups prove his innocence in road rage dispute

Belgian says push-ups prove his innocence in road rage dispute
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A Belgian man has made headlines in the country after an attempt to prove his innocence in a road rage case by doing pushups to prove his strength.

The unnamed man stands accused of punching another driver in a road rage incident from 2018 - something which the defendant says he clearly did not do, because if he did that man would have been badly hurt.

"If I had really hit him, the man would have been worse off," he added - before displaying his strength through 1 handed push-ups in the middle of the Ghent court.

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According to the would-be victim, the defendant got out of his car at a red light and acted aggressively towards the man, ending in a punch. The defender, however, says that he was punched by the driver - and that he was only defending himself.

"I wanted to pass the car and at that moment the driver raised his middle finger at me," he said, according to HLN. "I thought it was my colleague playing a joke. However, when I got out I saw that it was someone else". This, the defendant says, is when the man punched him in the face, and he just defended himself.

The outcome of the trial will be rendered on 8 February. The prosecutor has demanded community service and a fine of €400 for these offences, which are still to be determined.

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