Once hairdressers reopen, they should stay open, says De Croo

Once hairdressers reopen, they should stay open, says De Croo
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A possible reopening of the contact professions, which the consultation committee will consider again on 5 February, should not be temporary, according to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Sunday.

"If hairdressers reopen, it must be for good. We don't want a yo-yo effect," De Croo told VRT, stressing that since the start of the wave, Belgium has tried to ensure stable measures, unlike other countries where further restrictions have been required after relaxations.

De Croo reiterated his understanding of the psychological fatigue shown by the population and reiterated his appeal to "experts in the broadest sense, including politicians" to avoid any verbal outbidding, especially in view of the constantly changing situation.

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"If the situation continues to evolve as it is now, if we continue to do what we have done well so far - and the vast majority of Belgians have done it well - this is the best guarantee that we will not have to take additional measures," he said.

He mentioned the possibility of "deconfinement in a very cautious way" because "week after week, we are moving forward, we are moving towards a situation where we can do more".

"The Belgian situation compared to other countries remains quite positive, the measures implemented since November remain the right ones, we can see the results", assured De Croo. Vaccination plays an essential role in this respect. According to the Prime Minister, Belgium is "in the European pack".

The progress of the vaccination will be decisive for the reopening of the horeca and events. A large part of the population will be vaccinated by the autumn, according to the Prime Minister. "We are asking a lot of people, so we will reopen as soon as we can".

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