Magritte's 'The month of the harvest' goes up for auction

Magritte's 'The month of the harvest' goes up for auction

The painting 'The month of the harvest' by Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte, will be on sale at Christie's on 9 March, the auction house announced on Monday.

The painting from 1959 is currently valued between 10 and 15 million pounds. Other surrealist artworks from the Claude Hersaint collection will also be on sale at the same auction.

According to Christie's, Magritte's painting "is one of the artist's four greatest works still in private collections."

In the painting, Magritte’s emblematic figure of ‘the man in a bowler hat’ is represented endlessly in a crowd, seen through an open window. Each man has a subtly different face.

‘The Art of Surreal’ by Joan Miró (estimated between 9 and 14 million pounds), and ‘Cage, forest and black sun’ by Max Ernst (estimated between 2 and 3 million pounds) will also be up for sale at the auction.

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