Belgium will not vaccinate young people first

Belgium will not vaccinate young people first
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After the priority groups, the general population will be vaccinated from old to young, Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke confirmed in the Flemish Parliament on Tuesday.

Once all priority and vulnerable groups, such as healthcare workers, people over 65 and people with underlying conditions, have received a Covid-19 vaccine, it will be the general population's turn. "This will be done from old to young," Beke said.

This means that no priority will be given to young people (16 to 25-year-olds), despite the calls to prioritise the younger generations for vaccination in an open letter from a group of prominent adults on Monday.

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In response to the letter on Monday evening, Beke said that he understands the question, but that the vaccination strategy aims to vaccinate the most vulnerable people first, as they are the ones who end up in hospital fastest, and therefore put the greatest pressure on the healthcare system.

“I think people are confusing two things: just because you are the last to be vaccinated does not mean you are the last to regain your freedom,” Beke told VTM News. “And vice versa: someone who is vaccinated will not regain all their freedom right away.”

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