Price of fuel at the pump rises from Thursday

Price of fuel at the pump rises from Thursday
Credit: Belga

Pumping petrol and diesel will become more expensive from Thursday, the Federal Public Economy Service (FPS Economy) said on Wednesday.

A litre of 95 (E10) petrol will cost a maximum of €1.41 per litre, representing an increase of 2.3 cents. Petrol 98 (E5) will cost €1.468 per litre, or an increase of 1.9 cents.

The price of diesel (B7) will rise by 2.7 cents to a maximum of €1.444 per litre.

The maximum price of diesel fuel (for heating) for an order of 2,000 litres or more will rise by 1.67 cents to €0.5322/l.

The price changes are the result of fluctuations in the quotations of petroleum products and/or the bio-components inherent to their compositions on the international markets.

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