Situation ‘too fragile’ to reopen hairdressers, says expert

Situation ‘too fragile’ to reopen hairdressers, says expert
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Infectious disease expert Erika Vlieghe, head of Belgium’s GEMS (Group of Experts for the Covid-19 Management Strategy), is worried about the Consultative Committee’s decision to allow hairdressers to reopen from 13 February.

“A net increase in contacts is a net increase in the risk of spreading,” Vlieghe said on Friday on VRT’s Terzake programme.

“We are particularly worried people, we always live with an eye on the curve,” she said. “It is better than in other countries, but that does not leave us much room either and we are very worried about this.”

Vlieghe said she was particularly worried by the increased contact the reopening of the hairdressers would lead to, adding that she had already told the Consultative Committee that she felt the situation was “too fragile” to enable the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic to be relaxed.

“Let’s continue to be careful,” she said.

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