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How 5G advances Europe’s green agenda

How 5G advances Europe’s green agenda

Climate change is increasingly impacting our lives and going green has become the new reality.

The European Union’s green agenda, known as the Green Deal, is a game changer in response to the climate crisis and will be the compass that charts the path toward climate neutrality in Europe. Qualcomm, the world’s leading wireless technology innovator, is supporting this vision by helping to accelerate the 5G rollout with the company’s breakthrough technologies.

Revolutionising the EU’s economy

Given the capacity and potential of this next generation of connectivity, the world is expected to rely on 5G as the foundation to connect everything – and can be the catalyst that moves the EU’s economy and society toward a more sustainable future.

At Qualcomm, our technological breakthroughs have always been a driving force for change. We know 5G will help tackle important societal challenges, from remote learning, to telemedicine, to climate change.

~ Angela Baker, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Qualcomm Incorporated

5G driving positive change

Qualcomm's 5G inventions are designed to be truly transformative. Ultra-reliable, low-power connectivity with extremely high speeds can make our way of life more productive and less wasteful. We have long been committed to making our solutions environmentally friendly, and each generation of our mobile platforms has improved both performance and power consumption. Here are some ways 5G can help drive positive change:

    • Safer, more efficient road mobility

Leveraging 5G can result in more efficient and sustainable mobility, and help increase public safety with connected cars by enabling them to interact with infrastructure, such as traffic lights and cameras at intersections. 5G can also help ease road traffic by monitoring weather conditions, congestion, and road obstructions.

    • Enhanced, more sustainable industrial capacity

5G is built to accelerate the digital transformation of industry and help it be more flexible, agile, autonomous, and efficient. Opportunities to create sustainable manufacturing are endless, from the ability to reconfigure an entire industrial plant to make near real-time changes, to identifying areas in need of routine maintenance, quality control, and more.

    • Healthier, more productive agriculture

5G-enabled wireless connectivity can help increase the use of more precise farming techniques via artificial intelligence, with the goal of reducing overall costs for farmers, improving soil management and water quality, and minimising the need for pesticides. This can result in a healthier environment for farmers and citizens.

The great leap forward expected with 5G connectivity is the result of decades of research and development. It can have a profound impact on the planet, from a more sustainable future to improved productivity and economic growth. Qualcomm is committed to continuing its critical role in the development of 5G breakthrough technologies and the expansion into new areas of the economy, such as smart transport, smart manufacturing, and smart agriculture. See these breakthroughs wherever Europe is accelerating 5G leadership for a greener, more sustainable future.

Visit here to learn more about Qualcomm’s 5G breakthroughs in Europe.

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