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Bachelor’s Programmes in English at KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business, Brussels Campus

Bachelor’s Programmes in English at KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business, Brussels Campus

KU Leuven not only stands out for being at the centre of learning for almost six centuries and being named the highest ranked university in Belgium. It is also one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe. With its wide range of programmes taught in English, KU Leuven offers a truly international experience, high-quality education and cutting-edge innovation.

The Faculty of Economics and Business organises two bachelor’s programmes in English in Brussels, the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Business Engineering. The faculty prepares students for successful careers in the corporate world, in research and in national and international public policy-making bodies.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Brussels)

This programme has a strong international focus, is taught in English, and prepares you to find your way in an increasingly complex business environment.

Globalisation has extended markets far beyond national borders with technology keeping global commerce moving 24 hours a day. Some products and services become increasingly complex, while others are becoming obsolete. Consumers nowadays demand a prompt and customised service at the best price, and businesses require complex networks of distribution.

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme is both hands-on and academic. Its approach combines practice-as-orientation and science-as-foundation. It teaches you the academic skills you will need to complete assignments and research, and write your bachelor’s thesis. You will develop both your analytical skills and your academic and professional communication skills. You will learn to think critically and to present your findings in a concrete and concise manner. In addition, this programme sharpens your entrepreneurial skills and prepares you for various roles in international companies. It will challenge you to meet and work closely with students from other cultures and nationalities.

Want to discover more about our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration? Prof. Tom Verbeke is happy to explain why you should apply.

Bachelor of Business Engineering (Brussels)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering is a joint programme organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven and the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication of the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles. This English language bachelor’s programme trains students to analyse and resolve issues encountered in managing companies and organisations. The unique combination of business economics, quantitative methods and science and technology offers students the opportunity to cultivate a much sought-after multidisciplinary approach towards business. You will focus on business economics and the various business disciplines, such as finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, production and logistics, and ICT.

You will learn how a company operates and how its processes are organised. Designing business processes is often at the core of the business engineer’s activities, such as in companies looking to launch a new production process, or to run their service process more efficiently. You will also learn about important economic concepts and methods through economic analysis and topics dealing with law and tax regulations are also a crucial part of the programme.

In addition to advancing your managerial skills, you will also sharpen your analytical skills. You will master the necessary mathematical and statistical techniques to analyse business problems and work out optimal solutions, such as staff planning, organisation of a production process and measuring the impact of an advertising campaign.

Want to discover more about our Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering? Prof. Liesje De Boeck and Prof. Anouk Claes are happy to explain why you should apply.

Student and Alumni Ambassadors

Finally, there is no better way to understand these programmes than by speaking to our Student and Alumni Ambassadors, as they know better than anyone else what it is actually like to be a student at KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business.

Student ambassadors – Bachelor of Business Engineering

“The Bachelor of Business Engineering is a challenging programme that never feels boring. The curriculum is full of courses that are both timely and essential to become a well-rounded business professional, with a strong analytical basis. The students come from all over the world and make up a diverse group of people who are always ready to help each other out (digitally, at this point).” - Maira Salazar – Brazil

“If mathematics, economics and other analytical subjects excite you, then the Bachelor of Business Engineering is certainly a programme which you should explore.” - Awwab Ahmad – Pakistan

Student ambassadors – Bachelor of Business Administration 

“I believe my years at KU Leuven have been truly transformational and allowed me to grow in all aspects. Meeting students from all over the world offered me the unique opportunity to learn about many other cultures and traditions. Studying at KU Leuven has been a privilege, and an enriching stage in life. This unforgettable experience has really shaped who I have become today. KU Leuven has provided quality education and studying here has been a great journey.” - Simran Thadani – India

“Choosing a study programme after high school is often tough and it certainly was for me. However, when learning about KU Leuven’s BBA programme three main characteristics appealed to me: the renown of the university, the international nature of the BBA programme, and its multidisciplinary approach. I have not been disappointed about any of those aspects, and three years later I am still convinced that this was a good choice.” - Cléophée Bernard – France

“What drew me to KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business and specifically the Bachelor of Business Administration, was the strong analytical component throughout the programme with subjects such as high-level Math, Statistics, Financial Algebra and Corporate Finance. They allowed me to explore the business world ‘behind the scenes’ and to better understand its dynamics. After completing my first year at KU Leuven, I had a strong foundation of the main economical processes which in turn inspired me to dive into programming.” - Anastacia Dvoryanchikova – Russia

"Still, enrolling at KU Leuven was an ambitious challenge for me, as it is the most prestigious university of Belgium. Honestly, I didn’t believe I was up to the task, until I experienced the university’s support services." - Christus Mbaya – Belgium/Congo

"The bachelor of business administration programme has courses ranging from Statistics to Philosophy, offering a holistic education which equips the students to succeed in a business related career later on. Combined with the many opportunities which the Faculty of Business and Economics provides to its students, this makes KU Leuven worthwhile." - Nasma Amzil – Morocco

"KU Leuven also provides a number of opportunities to advance your career via the Career Corner platform: job and internship fairs, internships, competitions, networking events, workshops about entrepreneurship and career coaching. Our university recognizes that everyone is a young potential and presents all the necessary tools to become the person you are meant to be. I would strongly advise you to participate in these events because the time you invest being in the presence of like-minded people is invaluable." - Jayshri Jha – Nepal

“This truly international experience has allowed me to develop a global problem-solving mind-set. I have, by far, spent the most transformational years of my life here at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Being taught by some of the most competent professors in the heart of Europe is a privilege in itself, a privilege which I intend to learn from and use for the betterment of my compatriots and, in turn, the world as a whole.” - Mahrukh Mirza – Pakistan

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