‘No trips abroad’: Calls to punish the willingly unvaccinated  

‘No trips abroad’: Calls to punish the willingly unvaccinated  
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People who refused the chance to receive a coronavirus vaccine should, in time, have to face consequences, the president of the Flemish centrist CD&V party, Joachim Coens, said.

Coens emphasised that, first, a distinction should be made between those who have had the chance to receive a vaccine, as “discussing repercussions for someone who hasn’t received an invitation is something entirely different,” he said on VRT’s ‘De Afspraak’ on Wednesday.

"But once everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated and there are people who did not want to be, then I think there should be consequences," said Coens.

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He added that it would not be an option to force people to get their shots, and instead thinks consequences should be imposed when it comes to specific activities such as employment, trips abroad, or attending large events.

Coens doesn’t think now is the time to impose such consequences, as not everybody has had the chance to receive their doses, but “once everyone has had the chance, this matter should be put on the table,” he said.

During the news program, Coens also discussed Friday’s Consultative Committee and called on the government to raise the possibility of larger social bubbles for outdoor activities, to expand these from four to ten people.

He also highlighted the importance of understanding the motivation and mental well-being of people.

"There are many signs that the population’s limit of acceptability has been reached. If the motivation disappears, the curves go up," Coens said.

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