Police shuts down wedding party of around 50 people, including some from France

Police shuts down wedding party of around 50 people, including some from France
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A wedding party with around 50 attendees was shut down in Geetbets in the province of Flemish Brabant on Saturday night.

All the guests were able to flee from the location, the Castle of Hoen, however, police were able to take note of the cars' number plates, many of which were from France, and will be issuing all the guests with €250 fines for violating the current coronavirus fighting measures.

"We received reports of people walking around the domain, but when the police arrived, no cars were visible from the street, we discovered they were parked behind the domain,” police chief Luc Liboton of the Hageland police zone told The Brussels Times.

“Officers did see a man who immediately ran into the hall to warn the guests. When they followed the man, they saw that about 50 guests were present in the hall. They fled via all possible exits, got into their vehicles, and left,” he said.

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Liboton said the couple has already been identified and has been fined, and will be questioned about the incidents.

“The owner of the venue will also be fined, but the amount of this fine will be determined by the public prosecutor, who will review this incident as organising weddings and gathering with so many people is not allowed under the current restrictions,” said Liboton.

The manager said that it was not really a wedding party, but that there were indeed more people present than expected, he told VRT News.

"About two years ago, the banquet hall was booked by a family from Liège for a wedding party. Due to the current situation, of course, that party could not take place. But the family had contacted me to ask whether they could still use the four hotel rooms,” the owner said, who confirmed this would be possible.

“But unfortunately, they invited slightly more people than I had expected. But there was absolutely no question of a real wedding party, it was more about a bite to eat and a drink. I am now waiting to see what fine I will receive,” he added.

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