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Bebat - your partner in safe and correct battery recycling in Belgium 

Bebat - your partner in safe and correct battery recycling in Belgium 

Belgium. This tiny country situated in the heart of Europe is most famous for its scrumptious chocolates and timeless love for beer. But did you know that batteries have no secrets for us here in Belgium?

Belgians are the reigning world champion in the collection of discarded batteries with an annual collected weight of over 3.6 tonnes.

Batteries go through their entire lifecycle in Belgium. Some batteries are produced right here in Belgium and once they have reached the end of their first life they can be recycled here as well in order to have a new life in numerous surprising applications. Making sure all these batteries are collected and sorted correctly is a crucial part in ensuring the raw materials inside the battery are usable for a next generation of applications. That’s where Bebat comes in. Bebat is in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling all batteries.

Convenience is key 

Bebat wants to make handing in your discarded batteries as convenient as possible. That’s why we have created an elaborate network of collection points spread across the country. Collection points can be found in retail stores, schools, public places (e.g town halls), local recycling parks. Our network currently has 24,000 collection points, so there are more Bebat collection points in Belgium than there are ATMs, which is quite impressive, isn't it?  Averagely, you’ll find one of our green collection units within 400m of you.

Find your favourite collection points via our mobile app ‘Recycle’ or have a look at our website.

Another important element in making battery collection as convenient as possible for you is providing collection material. Twice a year, Bebat sends you by mail a handy collection cube where you can store your used batteries at home. Collection cube full? Then it’s time to head to your favourite collection point and hand in your used batteries.

Raising awareness through engaging communication campaigns

Are you always forgetting to hand in your discarded batteries? You’re not alone! Raising awareness and reminding people to hand in their used batteries is another important mission of Bebat. We do so by organising a wide variety of engaging communication campaigns both on and offline.

A new life for your used batteries

The Bebat slogan is not chosen by accident ‘A small gesture makes a big difference’, in the case of battery recycling it actually does. It shows that if each of us makes a contribution – no matter how small – we can achieve great results together.

Did you know?

The raw materials of 13 discarded batteries can be used to produce a spectacle frame.

And the raw materials of 120 discarded batteries can become a watering can.

Join us in making the planet a cleaner place!

    - Get your free collection cube delivered at your home.

    - Hand in your discarded batteries in one of our 24,000 collection points

    - Find the most convenient one for you here.

    - Download our Recycle! app in the app store and locate your favourite collection point at all times.

    - Have a look at our leaflet to obtain more info on how battery recycling is organised in Belgium.

Curious as to what other objects can be produced with the raw materials of used batteries? Visit our website.

Still have a battery related question after having read this article or simply want to say hello?

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