Two million people have now received first vaccine dose in Belgium

Two million people have now received first vaccine dose in Belgium
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On Tuesday, 2 million people in Belgium will have received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, health officials stated during a press conference.

Roughly 20% of the population of Belgium, or 1 in 5 people, will have been vaccinated, according to Gudrun Briat of the Vaccination Taskforce.

"That's another milestone in the vaccination campaign," she said. "We still have some way to go before we reach a sufficient level of vaccination, but we will reach it if we all get vaccinated."

Additionally, the federal vaccination reserve list Qvax, was successfully launched in Flanders, Wallonia and the German-speaking Community of the country last week

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"In the meantime, half a million people have registered on it, and 8,000 people on the reserve list have already been given a shot in this way," Briat said, adding that this shows that many people want to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

The Brussels-Capital Region will launch its own reserve list system, Bruvax, next week. "First, general practitioners can use it to register their risk patients," she added.

"All of this indicates that many of us long for the end of the current restrictions that have such a great impact on our daily lives and our mood," Briat said.

Additionally, vaccine deliveries will increase significantly in the coming weeks, and the new single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will also arrive at the vaccination centres this week.

"This will allow the vaccination campaign, and all of us, to move up a gear in the fight against Covid," she added.

Maïthé Chini

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