Covid-19: One in three businesses is breaking the rules in Flanders

Covid-19: One in three businesses is breaking the rules in Flanders
Hand hygiene is a common failing. © Melissa Jeanty

One in three businesses in Flanders is failing to adhere to the safety rules for Covid-19, according to the latest figures released by the region’s economy minister Hilde Crevits (CD&V).

One inspection took place in the first week of the Easter break and involved 1,718 business premises. Of the total, 562 were in breach of rules on matters like social distancing at work and hand hygiene.

As a result, 461 warnings were issued, 76 legal proceedings started, 26 deadlines set for regularisation and one case where the business was closed until the problems could be fixed.

The matter of teleworking, by contrast, appears to be largely in order. This was one area where it was suspected many businesses were infringing the rule that says teleworking must be employed unless impossible.

In fact, of the 2,092 businesses inspected on this matter, only 72 were breaking the rules or 3.4%.

The inspections were carried out by federal inspection services, accompanies by functionaries from the Flemish social inspections services.

Minister Crevits insisted on the importance of the measures put in place for safety and hygiene.

In order to combat the virus, legislation must be complied with,” she said.

Protocols have nevertheless been drawn up within the sectors and the employers' organisations also regularly call on members to comply with the rules. However, we see that some effort is still required.”

Alan Hope

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