Ministerial Decree for outdoor plan drafted: these rules apply from 8 May

Ministerial Decree for outdoor plan drafted: these rules apply from 8 May
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Following the Consultative Committee’s decision on Wednesday to give the official green light for the ‘outdoor plan,’ the latest draft Ministerial Decree lists all measures that will take effect from Saturday 8 May.

The draft Decree, which contains all rules decided during the Committee meetings of 14, 23 and 28 April, will now be submitted to the Council of State for its opinion, announced the cabinet of Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden

All other measures, which include the obligation to continue teleworking and the closure of certain venues, such as cinemas, have been extended until 30 June 2021.

“These measures are subject to the requested opinion of the Legislative Department of the Council of State,” the press release reads.

Hospitality industry

Terraces of hospitality establishments and party and reception rooms will be allowed to open, subject to a number of conditions:

–  the tables are placed so that a distance of at least 1.5 metres between them is guaranteed;
–  a maximum of four people per table is allowed, except in the case of a household, which is allowed to share a table regardless of its size;
–  only seating places at the table are allowed;
–  each person must remain seated at their own table;
–  no serving at the bar is allowed;
–  at least one full side of the terrace has to be open at all times to ensure sufficient ventilation;
–  drinks and meals must be consumed outdoors at all times;
–  customers may only enter the indoor area occasionally and briefly to use the sanitary facilities, to enter the open terrace or to pay their bill;
–  customers and staff have to wear a face mask or any other fabric alternative. Customers are allowed to remove their masks once seated at a table;
–  the opening hours of the open terraces are limited from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM;
–  the noise level may not exceed 80 decibels.


Permission has to be asked from the competent municipal authorities in advance before an event can be organised by professionals.

With that permission, a seated audience of up to 50 people is allowed to attend outdoor events, cultural and other performances and professional sports competitions, if the applicable measures are respected.

Trade fairs, including salons, may also be organised outdoors for 50 visitors.

Activities in an organised context

For organised outdoor activities, the age limit of 18 years will be waived. Activities may be organised for one or more groups of up to 25 people, not including supervisors.

For children up to 12 years old, activities can be organised indoors for groups of no more than ten.

Activities may only take place without an audience, except for non-professional sports training.

For non-professional sports training, each participant under 18 may be accompanied by no more than one member of the same household.

Non-professional sports competitions remain prohibited.

Worship services

A maximum of 50 people (not counting children under 12, the registrar and the minister of worship) may be present at the same time at civil weddings, at religious and non-denominational services and at activities within a philosophical-religious association.

The services, however, have to be organised outdoors in the places set aside for the purpose.


The ban on being on public roads and in public spaces between midnight and 5:00 AM will be replaced by a ban on gatherings on public roads and in public spaces of more than three people, not counting children under 12. Members of the same household may move together.

Receiving guests at home, or in a tourist accommodation

Each household may receive up to two people, excluding children up to 12 years old, at the same time in their home or in tourist accommodations.

These people, however, have to be part of the same household.

The social distance with guests must be kept, except for with fixed close contacts.

Amusement parks and flea markets

Outdoor areas of amusement parks will be allowed to reopen.

The same applies to the outdoor areas of flea markets if they are organised professionally.

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