Reminder: The official rules for going to a terrace

Reminder: The official rules for going to a terrace
Credit: Jules Johnston/The Brussels Times

Belgium's rules for terraces are now officially set in stone and will enter into force at midnight on Friday.

So, from opening hours to mask rules, here what you need to know:

- The tables should be placed so that there is always at least one and a half metres between them.

- A maximum of 4 people per table is allowed. Households consisting of more than 4 persons may share a table.

- Only seats at the table are allowed.

- Each person must remain seated at their own table.

- No bar service is allowed.

- At least one full side of the terrace must be open at all times and there must be sufficient ventilation.

- Drinks and meals must be consumed outside.

- Customers may only enter to use the toilet, to enter the terrace or to pay the bill.

- Customers and staff must wear a face mask. Customers may remove their face masks when seated at a table.

- Opening hours are limited from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

- Noise levels must not exceed 80 decibels.

For the rules on Belgium's outdoor plan, see here.

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