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The Future of Work in Brussels

The Future of Work in Brussels
Credit: WeWork

While the past year has shown that working from home has many advantages, the majority of employees are now looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues and driving creativity in personal meetings, as the office provides an environment, culture and connection that cannot be replicated when working remotely.

A new survey by WeWork and Brightspot strategy showed that 90% of respondents said they wanted to return to their workspaces at least once a week, while 20% said even up to five days a week. Interestingly, it was also found that those who regularly returned to the office reported a 40% increase in morale compared to those who only worked from home. This is why a majority of companies now plan to implement flexible space into their future real estate strategy.

Flexible Working Solutions

In a recent report, 81% of employees said they would be more loyal to their employer if they had flexible work options. With this flexibility, a vaccinated population and the necessary safety protocols in place, all the evidence suggests that a return to the office can be made safely in Brussels.

WeWork understands that it’s a very challenging time for companies right now, and is fully committed to providing its members and employees with the best work experience to overcome the current situation.

To help companies adapt to the changes of tomorrow, WeWork provides flexible office solutions, allowing companies to use workspaces on their terms, with flexibility being the key. These solutions are attractive for companies who are looking to move forward with a hybrid real estate strategy; allowing teams to be dispersed, giving both employees and employers the smart flexibility to work where, when, and how they need to.

Credit: WeWork

In the post pandemic future of work, nine out of ten organisations will be combining remote and on-site working, according to a new McKinsey survey.

Flexibility is in WeWork’s DNA, they have been at the forefront of flexible space for the last decade. WeWork offers short or long term membership agreements, shared and private office solutions, while choosing to work from any location around the world.

Health and Safety Protocols

Credit: WeWork

WeWork prioritises people's health and wellbeing and each location abides by the Belgian government’s measures to combat Covid-19, conducting frequent cleaning measures, regularly disinfecting common areas and providing complimentary sanitisation products in all their spaces.

Enhanced social distancing measures are in place to maintain safe distances between co-workers. This has been achieved by modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and buffer zones, so teams can practice healthy social distancing in the workplace. Creative, easy-to-understand, strategically placed signage has been implemented.

Future of work in Brussels

In Brussels, there are two locations to choose from, at Botanic and Rue du Commerce, and now you can test drive a WeWork location in Brussels free for one-month, for up to a team of 20.

About WeWork

WeWork has been redefining offices for over a decade, creating flexible spaces for companies of all sizes. Today, as these businesses prepare to find new ways to safely create connection and interaction, WeWork is working with companies at 700+ locations across 153 cities and 38 countries around the globe to reimagine what the new future of work will look like in a post Covid-19 world.

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