Coronavirus: Belgium nears 500-bed threshold for intensive care

Coronavirus: Belgium nears 500-bed threshold for intensive care
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Belgium is close to meeting the goal it set for allowing additional easing of coronavirus measures beginning 9 June, which is having no more than 500 beds in intensive care units of hospitals being used for patients with coronavirus.

That number currently stands at 542, according to figures from the health institute Sciensano on Monday.

Between 17 and 23 May, an average of 118 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals each day, which is a decrease of 14% compared to a week earlier.

There are still 1,506 coronavirus patients in hospitals (-16%), of whom 542 are in the intensive care units (-12%).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 73,480 Belgians have been hospitalised with Covid-19.

Between 14 and 20 May, an average of 2,410 new infections were registered every day, which is a slight increase of 6% compared to the previous 7 days.

Testing also rose slightly (+2%), with an average of 47,300 administered in that same week. The positivity ratio remained about the same at 5.6%.

From 14 to 20 May, an average of 20 people died every day as a result of Covid-19 in Belgium.

This is a 25% decrease compared to the previous week, although with such low numbers, this is not very significant.

Since the start of the pandemic, 24,842 people have died from coronavirus in Belgium.

A total of 4,344,203 people (37.7% percent of the entire population) have now received at least one vaccine dose.

Approximately 1,671,705 of those people have already received a second dose, making 14.5% of the population fully vaccinated.

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