Wallonia launches drive to vaccinate more 50-plussers

Wallonia launches drive to vaccinate more 50-plussers
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Wallonia is launching Operation Re Vax 50+, aimed at encouraging people aged 50 and over to take a vaccine against the Coronavirus, regional Health Minister Christie Morreale announced on Sunday.

The vaccination phase targeting the public at large, Phase 2, is well under way in Wallonia and has been progressing at a good pace. Over half of the region’s residents aged 18 and over have had at least one dose of a vaccine and the rate is 73% for those with “underlying conditions.” More than 20% have been fully vaccinated, the minister stressed in a press release.

Some 204,000 persons were vaccinated in Wallonia over the past one-week period, bringing the total for the month of May to close to 850,000. Based on the national vaccination strategy and supply deliveries, Wallonia will distribute close to 260,000 doses to vaccination centres and units throughout its territory during the coming week, Mrs Morreale said.

To encourage more people to report for vaccination and provide maximum vaccine coverage throughout the region, its authorities are currently deploying new initiatives, such as Re Vax 50+.

Beginning on Monday, 50-plussers who have been hesitating to take the vaccine, had allowed their code to lapse, lost their invitation or did not receive the letter sent to them will be able to call the toll-free number, 0800/45.019. An appointment at a vaccination centre will be quickly given to them, the minister said.

Under Operation Re Vax, launched in April last, 39,000 vaccination appointments have already been registered by telephone.

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