Latest European travel map colours increasingly orange, Malta turns green

Latest European travel map colours increasingly orange, Malta turns green
Valletta, the capital of Malta. Credit: Belga

Malta is coloured green and a number of popular holiday destinations have turned orange on the latest update of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)'s map of travel destinations.

According to the latest update, Bulgaria, Hungary, Monaco and Vatican City have now turned completely orange on the ECDC map, meaning that the risk of infection is now considered “moderate” instead of “high” by the Belgian authorities.

Many of the traditional summer holiday countries also have a lot more orange zones than they did last week, meaning their situation has significantly improved, according to the ECDC.

Most of northern and central Italy, including Rome, Milan and Venice, is now coloured orange, as are the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Valencia is one of the newly orange areas in Spain, and France and Greece each also have a few new orange regions, such as Bordeaux in the French Aquitaine region and the Greek island of Corfu.

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In Spain, however, the region of Murcia, which turned orange in recent weeks, became a red travel destination again.

A number of areas in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and Poland have also turned orange.

The countries that already turned from red to orange in previous updates, such as Ireland, Portugal, Romania and San Marino, all remain orange.

Additionally, while the whole of Malta turned green now, meaning that the infection risk is considered "low," previously green zones North and East Finland, Northern Norway and the Norwegian region of Trondelag are now coloured orange.

Whether or not travellers entering Belgium after at least 48 hours in an orange zone are required to quarantine and get tested is calculated based on their answers on the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), which will give them the needed instructions depending on the outcome.

For countries outside the EU and the Schengen zone, nothing changes. All third countries remain red zones, except Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore and South Korea, which are green, and Thailand, which is orange.

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