New baby zebra welcomed at ZOO Planckendael

New baby zebra welcomed at ZOO Planckendael
Photo from ZOO Planckendael.

Zebra mare Luisa of ZOO Planckendael has given birth to a foal.

“It is a small mare, very delicate,” said caretaker Jolien.

“She has those beautiful fluffy hairs on her back. At first, those hairs, her ears and muzzle, and even some stripes, are a beautiful milk chocolate brown. Close to her mother, she now curiously explores the savannah, even at a gallop.”

Luisa’s new daughter was already standing firmly on all four legs when the caretakers arrived following her birth.

ZOO Planckendael says the stripes on the baby zebra’s buttocks have a pattern as unique as a human’s fingerprints.

Grévyzebras like those at ZOO Planckendael have the largest ears, highest shoulders or withers and thinnest stripes of all zebra species. They also have a boisterous character.

“They are zebras with spirit,” explained Jolien.

The herd in ZOO Planckendael now consists of five animals.

Mother Luisa and her foal graze on their strip of savannah together with mare Nele, her daughter Uzuri of almost two years, and stallion André.

ZOO Planckendael is looking for a nice African name starting with the letter W, the initial for newborns in the year 2021.

Anyone can make suggestions on ZOO Planckendael’s Instagram account, and the keepers will then choose their favourite.

Photo from ZOO Planckendael.

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Grévyzebras are the only zebra species currently facing threats to their population numbers – in Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya, there are less than 2,000 of the animals left.

ZOO Planckendael supports the Marwell Wildlife conservation project in Kenya.

Special collar transmitters are used to collect data on the movements and territories of the zebras in order to draw up a management and conservation plan to save the species from extinction.

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