Over 20,000 reports of illegal dumping in Brussels last year

Over 20,000 reports of illegal dumping in Brussels last year
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There were 21,570 reports of illegal dumping in Brussels in the year 2020.

The figures, which were requested from the city council by Councillor Bianca Debaets (CD&V), represent a considerable increase over 2019, when there were 13,600 police interventions for illegal dumping during the year.

But there were fewer fines issued in 2020, according to Bruzz.

“Last year, 16 temporary cameras at various hotspots were used to reduce the number of dumping cases, which nevertheless resulted in 1,337 fines,” said Debaets.

“Actions were also planned to open wrongly placed rubbish bags and search for identification data, but due to the coronavirus crisis only one such action could take place.”

All kinds of waste are involved in the dumping, from rubbish bags not put on the street at the right time to refrigerators and all kinds of furniture.

The number of fines issued for illegal dumping in 2020 overall (5,375 including sites without the cameras meant to deter it) resulted in an average of nearly 15 citations a day.

In 2019, there were 7,571 such fines.

The difference is a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which made it difficult for inspections to be carried out.

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