End of a saga: Conings family abandon legal objections

End of a saga: Conings family abandon legal objections

The family of fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings has abandoned its legal objections to the conclusion of the case, according to the lawyer representing them.

Conings went missing on 17 May after having stolen heavy arms from the army barracks where he worked, leaving behind letters that intimated he was planning an attack which he would probably not survive.

On 20 June his remains were found in the Dilserbos in Dilsen-Stokkem, not far from where his last traces had been found. His death was declared a suicide by firearm.

However his relatives – an aunt and a niece – refused to accept the official conclusion, maintaining he had been murdered by the police or troops who were searching for him.

In that, they were supported by Brussels-based lawyer Carine Knapen, a known supporter of the theory that the coronavirus pandemic is a vast conspiracy designed to take away human rights – a theory Conings also supported, to the extent of threatening to kill virologist Marc Van Ranst, who had to be moved to a safe house under police guard as a result.

However the appeal for a second independent autopsy on Conings failed, and he was cremated on Sunday. With that conclusion now undisputable, the family have dropped their case.

The Conings family has collectively decided not to take any further steps in the case of their late kinsman Jürgen Conings,” Knapen posted on her blog.

I have accordingly resigned my mandate as counsel and as spokesperson for the family. Thank you for giving the family the peace to process this painful loss and for not disturbing them further with questions."

In the meantime Conings’ partner has distanced herself from the actions and claims of the blood relatives, and has had no part in the legal attempts to substantiate a conspiracy theory. She has given no response to news of the abandonment of the legal action.

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