Wife of Belgian ambassador to South Korea involved in another fight

Wife of Belgian ambassador to South Korea involved in another fight
Credit: Youtube screengrab

The wife of the Belgian ambassador to South Korea, Xiang Xueqiu, who hit a salesperson earlier this year, recently became involved in another fight, this time with a 65-year-old street sweeper.

Xiang Xueqiu reportedly hit the man with his own broom in central Seoul on Monday morning after it touched her by accident while he was cleaning the streets, according to De Morgen. 

Following an exchange of words and both parties hitting each other, the cleaner pushed her to the ground, during which Xiang Xueqiu hurt her back. She was later taken to the hospital.

The South Korean police just recently decided not to pursue the case between Xiang Xueqiu and a Seoul saleswoman, who was hit in the face in April after accusing her of theft.

Xiang Xueqiu invoked her diplomatic immunity, which the police cited as the reason for not pursuing the case, alongside the fact that the victim asked for the charges to be dropped.

However, the incident with the salesperson caused quite a stir in South Korea, especially on social media, and many people called on the ambassador and his wife to leave the country.

In the "interest of bilateral relations", Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès decided in May that the tenure of Xueqiun's husband, ambassador Peter Lescouhier, would be ended and that they had to leave South Korea this summer. In the meantime, Xiang Xueqiu was hospitalised for a stroke.

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