Belgium in Brief: The Vaccinated Travel Conundrum

Belgium in Brief: The Vaccinated Travel Conundrum

The news that the UK will update rules for those countries on the amber list raises some interesting and rather difficult questions around travel.

If the updated rules go into effect, a vaccinated Brit could travel from Belgium to the UK, and frolic in the wild with only a few hoops to jump through. They would then have to quarantine upon return to Belgium because the UK is on the very-bad-stay-away list.

Not the end of the world, but still not ideal. The other way, however, is a non-starter.

A vaccinated Brit - non-resident in Belgium - can’t go to Belgium. Meaning:

  • No frolic in the wild,
  • No hoops to jump through,
  • No quarantine upon return, because they didn’t get to leave.

This is a silly way to look at it, but it raises an interesting point. We’re reaching a stage where a high infection rate country is - kind of - opening to people returning from lower-risk countries, or at the very least allowing its citizens to travel there if the other country allows it.

There are many ways to look at this - and they all touch on the idea of fairness and family.

Are the low-risk countries right in making it difficult to travel to higher risk countries?

Are the higher risk countries right for making things easier for people to go abroad?

I guess it’s all pretty charged, and I won’t be able to change anyone’s mind - so tell me, what do you think?  Let @johnstonjules know.

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