Rumours circulate of new Stromae album in 2021

Rumours circulate of new Stromae album in 2021
Credit: Eddy Berthier/ Wikipedia

French press - both in Belgium and France - have been buzzing with rumours that Belgian artist Stromae could be gearing up to launch his third album this year.

The artist - perhaps best known for the song Papaoutai (below) - has been relatively silent since he released the hugely successful Racine Carrée 8 years ago.

Since the massive success, Stromae has been mostly absent from the spotlight, announcing that he would move his focus from singing to producing. While mostly silent, he has occasionally reappeared to feature on other artists' songs, including the song 'Arabesque' by British band Coldplay.

"He is maybe one of the best artists in the world and he is just wonderful," Martin explained in an interview with BBC Radio 1. Martin also added that Stromae's Racine Carrée provided some inspiration for the new album.

So what do we know about the return?

Currently, not much.

French paper Paris Match says that Stromae will be releasing an album this fall, which would be accompanied by a tour of festivals next summer.

According to the weekly, the singer will be "present on four or five French festivals next summer if all goes well, " according to Angelo Gopee, head of Live Nation in France, who has already offered the artist to various events.

Stromae is yet to say anything on the news, but a comment made a few months ago implied he had something in the works. "An album will arrive at some point but I don't really have a date," he told Liberation.

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