Plan for busy roads this weekend, Touring warns

Plan for busy roads this weekend, Touring warns
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Drivers looking to leave (or return to) Belgium this weekend should consider planning ahead in order to avoid the traffic, according to the latest warning from mobility organisation Touring.

In Belgium, Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning are classified as red in the direction of departure, particularly on the E40 from Brussels to the coast and on the E411 Brussels-Luxembourg.

The Antwerp and Brussels ring roads, the E19 Brussels - Mons - Valenciennes and the E40 Brussels - Liège - Aachen will also be heavily impacted.

Sunday evening is also likely to be quite busy in the return direction, especially on the E40 Brussels - Ostend.

This traffic, however, doesn't stop at the Belgian border.

In France, Friday early afternoon is classified as orange for holiday destinations. Additionally, Touring expects an extremely busy (black) Saturday in France towards the south. All motorways to Brittany, Normandy, southern France and Spain will be congested.

Traffic will also be overloaded on the national roads. The biggest traffic problems are expected in the Rhone Valley (A7), on the Mediterranean motorway (A9) and on the Paris - Bordeaux - Spain motorway (A10).

On Sunday and Monday, traffic jams are expected to be less severe (orange). In the return direction, Saturday will be red and Sunday orange.

For Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, it really depends on the day.

Friday will be orange in Switzerland and Austria and red in Germany, but no problems are expected in Spain and Italy (green).

Saturday will be very congested in all five countries (red) but the situation should improve on Sunday (orange).

Saturday and Sunday will also be red in the return direction.

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