Thunderstorms on Tuesday and showers throughout the week

Thunderstorms on Tuesday and showers throughout the week
Credit: Canva

Tuesday afternoon will remain overcast with frequent showers and a high chance of thunderstorms in the south and east of the country, says the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

Heavy showers and occasional storms are forecast in the southeast, moving westwards on Tuesday evening. Temperatures of 16-18°C are forecast for the Ardennes and elsewhere between 19 and 21°C with light and sometimes moderate winds.

Showers and storms are forecast in the evening and overnight, particularly in the centre of the country, with temperatures dropping to 8-10°C in the Ardennes and 11-13°C elsewhere.

Wednesday will begin calm and foggy with clouds gathering throughout the day bringing showers in the afternoon.

Thursday will see cloud cover over large parts of the country with occasional showers to the east but otherwise mainly dry.

Friday will be dry for the most part but with clouds and perhaps a sprinkling of rain in parts. Temperatures throughout the week will rarely exceed 20°C.

Intermittent showers with sunny spells are forecast for the weekend.

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