Jailbreak in Ghent: prisoner still at large

Jailbreak in Ghent: prisoner still at large
Credit: Pixabay.

An internationally-wanted man escaped from a prison in Ghent this week, where he was serving a 12-year sentence for various violent crimes.

Mouslim Aboubakarov, 40, used a forklift to get onto the roof for his escape from Nieuwewandeling on the morning of 3 August, according to VRT.

A safety zone was set up in the surrounding area and a police helicopter was on the scene, but the prisoner remains at large.

Aboubakarov is a Russian national who speaks fluent Dutch, and his charges include theft with violence, fraud and forgery.

According to Belga News Agency, he was also convicted for hostage-taking and torture.

He had been serving his sentence in Nieuwewandeling (also called Gevangenis van Gent or Ghent Prison) since 2012.

An All Points Bulletin (APB) described him as 1.80 metres tall and athletically built, with short-shaved hair and a medium dark beard. He may not have his glasses with him.

“At the time of his escape he was wearing a black T-shirt, light grey trousers and black shoes,” the APB said.

Anyone who has seen the man is requested to contact the police on the free number: 0800 30 300.

The police have already received a dozen responses to the APB.

“They are all being investigated," the public prosecutor's office said.

The public prosecutor's office added that they could not comment further on the matter.

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