Traffic warnings issued ahead of congested weekend

Traffic warnings issued ahead of congested weekend
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Heavy traffic is expected this weekend on Europe's roads, with Belgium's mobility organisation Touring announcing red traffic warnings in many countries on Saturday. This will coincide with returning vacationers as well as new arrivals to holiday destinations.

In South-East France, Friday will be orange for departures and red for returns. Other French regions will remain orange. On Saturday, traffic will be classified as red for motorists in both directions throughout the country, except in the north and centre. Sunday will also be busy in the return direction (orange) but somewhat less for departures (yellow).

Elsewhere, Friday will be classified as orange for departures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while Italy and Spain will have clearer roads (yellow). Motorists returning from holiday will enjoy smoother traffic, with yellow in all countries except Switzerland, which is still orange.

Saturday will be a red day in both directions in all countries except Germany, where code orange will also be in effect in both directions. Finally, traffic will also be heavy on Sunday (orange) for departures and returns. Only Germany and Austria will avoid congestion in the return direction (yellow).

According to Touring, Friday will be the best day for returns and Sunday for departures.

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