48-hour rail strike in Germany: Border crossings hit

48-hour rail strike in Germany: Border crossings hit
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A 48-hour strike on the German railways has left traffic severely disrupted across the country, as officials urge postponing any non-urgent travel.

As of Wednesday morning, trains were at a standstill across the country, while only a quarter of long-distance trains were still running.

For those looking to travel to and from Germany, it is worth noting that the strike will also hit border crossings.  Travellers are advised to postpone any non-urgent travel.

The strike started at 2:00 AM on Wednesday for passenger trains but was already in effect on Tuesday evening for freight trains. Traffic is expected to return to normal by Friday.

Workers of the GDL train drivers' union called the strike over a dispute about wages and the timetable for a pay rise in Germany. Deutsche Bahn called the strike "an unnecessary escalation on the backs of consumers". This is the first strike involving Die Bahn since late 2018.

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