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When It Comes To Business Branded Payment Cards, Complicated Has Never Been More Uncomplicated

When It Comes To Business Branded Payment Cards, Complicated Has Never Been More Uncomplicated

Just when we thought we had seen everything in digital innovation and online marketing, a financial institution has once again proved the world wrong. Wallester, an Estonian licensed financial institution which develops financial digital technology and issues VISA cards, is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and has integrated a unique REST API with physical and virtual cards for an advanced white label card program that is not only faster, but more seamlessly integrated than anything else currently offered on the market.

European companies have recently launched their own business branded payment cards and white label visa cards, offering clients a unique debit, credit, virtual or prepaid card, within their loyalty program. However, these branded payment cards require a timeous, complicated merging of different systems and payment functions, which rendered the cards unusable for a period of time. Now, with the Wallester platform and its bespoke API, created by an in-house development team, different systems no longer have to merge with payment functions, with waiting periods avoided completely.

Once a complicated process, Wallester has turned complicated onto its undesirable head.

All this thanks to its innovative technologies and modern API, which guarantee fast and seamless integration with any, and all, platforms. Now, this official Visa partner and Visa FinTech Fast Track member issues debit, credit, prepaid, business, and white label visa cards immediately, along with the launch of instant card programs and white label systems.

As a white-label solution, the exclusive design of the branded payment cards and mobile app enables companies to emphasize their brand identity, with a unified CRM platform making the management of the card program as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Furthermore, branded physical and virtual cards boast company logos, which provides the benefit of enhanced brand awareness and competitiveness. As an indirect channel of digital marketing, the customized design and multifunctionality of these branded cards further increase user loyalty and expand the company's customer base.

And if this isn’t innovative enough, Wallester’s branded mobile app provides the company's customers with instant access to card information, the ability to make any payment transaction, track payment statistics, customize additional options and order new cards.

Along with the branded mobile app, a personalized back office portal, featuring necessary tools, provides convenient processing of cardholder information, online customer support, statistical data analysis, and risk control in real time.

With new innovation now provided for banks, customer loan providers, FinTech companies, travel agencies, insurance companies, business loan companies and e-commerce marketplaces, among other suitable clients, the future of digital innovation and online marketing is unknown, but we’re sure that there will be much more to come from this innovative financial institution. For more information regarding this card issuing business, visit

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