'Soilmates movement' gastronomic event to take place on 12-13 September

'Soilmates movement' gastronomic event to take place on 12-13 September
Credit: Soilmates Movement

The 'Soilmates movement' is holding a gastronomic event in Brussels on 12-13 September featuring lectures, artistic performances, workshops and tastings around the theme of “discovering our fertile urban land.”

Day one of the event, on Sunday 12 September, will be devoted to “sharing knowledge and reflection on the condition of the living soil in the city,” the group said in a press release.

This will take place in three locations - Smala Farming, the gardens of Erasmus House and Le Champignon de Bruxelles - where visitors “can discover the living soil between the urban concrete,” it added.

Participants are invited to visit the three sites by bicycle, along a fixed itinerary that takes about 15 minutes to get from one location to the next, according to the collective.

On Monday 13 September, “soil dishes” representing the “taste of the earth” will be offered at over 20 Soilmate tasting areas: Albert, Barge, Brut, Frank, Humus & Hortense, Fauvette, Belgobon, Ethylo, Joran, Chabrol, Maloma, La Fruitière, Le Dillens, Le Local, Les Petits Bouchons, Mok, Ötap, Savage, Smala, Tarzan, Tero and Titulus.

Soilmates was created during the Covid-19 lockdown last year. It defines itself as a “non-profit initiative with wild farmers and soil scientists, mindful chefs and conscious eaters, artists and earth-activists” that believes “fertile soil is key to preserve all life, both above and below the ground.”

This is its second gastronomic event. Its first, in 2020, was at the Monde des Milles Couleurs greenhouses in Yprès.

More information is available on its site, www.soilmates.be.

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