Belgian EuroMillions winner claims prize

Belgian EuroMillions winner claims prize
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The Belgian who won more than €21 million in the EuroMillions lottery draw on 31 August has finally come forward to the National Lottery.

A Flemish man presented himself at the Lottery headquarters with the winning ticket after an appeal from news media, according to Belga News Agency.

He won an amount of €21,214,762, the National Lottery reported Friday morning.

Three Europeans ticked the right combination on their ticket on 31 August (numbers 5 - 13 - 17 - 32 - 43 and stars 2 and 10).

Among them was one Belgian, who until this week had not come forward.

“Because we were still enjoying a few days of holiday, we had not checked the result immediately,” the winner said.

The Flemish couple is the first Belgian EuroMillions winner in rank 1 this year.

In total, this is the 35th big EuroMillions winner in Belgium since 2004.

Detailed information about the winner is not being released in order to protect the winning couple's privacy.

“We don't have any immediate plans yet with this wonderful sum of money,” the man said.

“We need to recover from the shock and take some time to let everything sink in. Above all, we hope to enjoy what follows in all discretion.”

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