Belgium considers four-day working week

Belgium considers four-day working week
Credit: Belga

The Federal Government is discussing a proposal to shorten a full-time working week from five to four days

A proposal was tabled by the liberals, aiming to make the working week more flexible: full-time employees would still work 38 or 40 hours, but spread over four days instead of five.

With the proposal, the government wants to encourage companies to introduce longer working days of 9.5 hours. In exchange, employees will get an extra day off.

"In principle, we think it is good towards the freedom of the employee, but of course it has to be a choice of the employee," chair of the Flemish green party, Meyrem Almaci told VTM News.

"It is about how they organise their life. It has to fit into people's lives," she said, stressing that the social partners must be heard before any decision is made.

Meanwhile, the socialist trade union already spoke out against the idea, stressing that above all, the aim should be that full-time employees work fewer hours per week.

Next weekend, the Federal Government will discuss in which sectors the system could be introduced, and how to avoid making the working day too long.

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