Over 800 demonstrate against Covid Safe Ticket in Liège

Over 800 demonstrate against Covid Safe Ticket in Liège
Credit: Belga

Over 800 protesters took part in a protest in Liège against the use of the Covid Safe Ticket in Wallonia on Saturday.

The protesters first gathered at the Place Saint-Léonard then moved off in a procession towards the centre of the city, Belga News Agency reports. Organised by Liège’s “Même pas peur” (“Not even fear”) movement, the gathering was meant to highlight participants’ refusal to adhere to the Covid Safe Ticket, which will be in effect between 15 October and 1 November in Wallonia.

“We find the health pass totally discriminatory and anti-democratic,” Fabien Heuze, one of the demonstration’s organisers, told the Belga news agency. “It transforms many sectors of society into checking agents, whereas that is neither their mission nor their desire. We are the victims, but we are the ones being checked. We were not consulted, and we didn’t choose this.”

Participants in the protest came from various sectors. “There are about fifteen of us in the organization and we come from science, law, there are also workers, housewives, and all that makes me say that what we’re doing today makes sense since all strata of society are here,” Heuze added.

According to the police, between 200 and 500 attendees moved off at the end of the gathering towards the Place Saint-Lambert in a procession that had been expected but was not planned by the organization.

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