Over 50,000 march against fascism in Rome

Over 50,000 march against fascism in Rome
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Tens of thousands of people demonstrated against fascism in Rome on Saturday, one week after violent protests against the Covid certificate.

Over 50,000 people took part in the demonstration, according to local media, marching under the slogan “An end to fascism: for jobs, participation and democracy.”

The march was organised by the CGIL, the International Confederation of Free Unions (CSIL) and the Italian Labour Union, UIL. According to the unions, about 800 buses and 10 trains ferried participants from all over Italy to Rome for the event, Belga News Agency reports.

Last Saturday a demonstration against the requirement to produce the health pass at all workplaces in Italy with effect from 15 October degenerated into violence, forcing police to deploy in greater numbers, while members of far right political party Forza Nuova attacked the headquarters of the CGIL. Seven persons were injured in the unrest.

The Secretary-General of the CSIL called on Saturday for the dissolution of all neo-Fascist and neo-Nazi organisations in Italy. The centre-left Democratic Party, which is spearheading calls for the banning of Forza Nova, says its petition for Parliament to issue the ban has already garnered 100,000 signatures.

Forza Nova has never achieved more than 0.5% of the vote at various elections, neither on its own nor in coalitions with other extreme-right groups.

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