Bright Brussels festival illuminates the capital

Bright Brussels festival illuminates the capital
Credit: Belga

The fifth edition of the Bright Brussels festival was officially launched on Thursday, and will illuminate the European capital until 6 November.

Postponed from February due to the pandemic, this year’s edition has installations dotted out along two routes; in the Royal district and the European district, all the way to Parc du Cinquantenaire. In total, some 15 highly immersive and artistic light installations are on display.

In the Cinquantenaire park, visitors can walk through the 80 metre long ‘Wave’. It is up made of 40 triangular doors which are sensitive to movement.

At Square de Meeûs, ‘The Perfomer N°5 Monks’ is an installation with a solar panel supported by two sculptures in human form. The artist aims to showcase the relationship between technology and man, and between man and darkness in human history. It is a metaphor on the need to return closer to nature.

Exhibited at the square’s park, one also finds the dazzling ‘Firefly Field’ which has a hypnotic effect on visitors. It is made up of many flying light spots which simulate the movements of fireflies (lampyridae).

For more information on the festival and the various installations visit the festival site.

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