1,000 march in Brussels for the climate

1,000 march in Brussels for the climate
Photo from Christian Climate Action Belgium (Twitter)

About 1,000 demonstrators gathered at the Central Station in Brussels on Sunday for a new climate march on the eve of the climate summit in Glasgow, which takes place from 1 to 12 November.

The protestors marched to the European Parliament in order to urge lawmakers to take action against the effects and causes of climate change, according to reporting from Bruzz.

Demonstrators were demanding three things, according to Kim Lê Quang, co-founder of Rise for Climate Belgium: a tax on financial transactions to finance the energy transition and create green jobs; accessible aid for victims of climate disasters; and for water to be considered a human right,

The demonstration took place around 1:00 PM and had a festive atmosphere, with a percussion band playing music and protestors carrying signs with messages like “Give me back my future” and “Act now.”

Translation: On the initiative of @Rise4ClimateBE march and rally in front of @europarl at the opening of #COP26. More than just words, we need courageous governments to implement the Paris Agreement and the necessary ecological transition.

A climate village was set up on Place Luxembourg, with stands offering entertainment for children and various initiatives intended to inspire them.

Several speeches were give and concerts took place in the evening, featuring artists such as Livio Hans, Saule, Laura Crowe, Konoba, Ben'do, Charlotte and Getch.

Rise for Climate Belgium, the organisation behind this climate demonstration, is part of the Climate Coalition, the collective of environmental and civil society organisations for climate justice.

On the Facebook page for the march, 1,500 people had indicated that they would participate. Lower turnout could be a result of the poor weather.

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