Brussels Ixelles police start patrolling with bodycams

Brussels Ixelles police start patrolling with bodycams
Credit: Brussels Police.

Police officers of the zone Brussels Ixelles have recently started patrolling with body cameras as part of a pilot project whose training phase is now over.

The Brussels municipal council already approved the use of bodycams by the Ixelles police zone in January 2020, according to Bruzz.

A first test phase was to start in April 2021, but was postponed until September.

“The training phase has now been completed and a number of officers are already on the road with a bodycam,” police spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere told Bruzz.

“This happens on a voluntary basis. Officers choose for themselves whether or not they patrol with a bodycam.”

The 231 bodycams were budgeted at around €258,700 and are primarily intended to improve the relationship of trust between the police and the population by ensuring a truthful documentation of interactions.

Police activate the bodycam when they choose to, which then also includes a 30-second pre-recording.

Bodycam footage can be used as evidence in court.

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