Cabinet increases expense-allowance for volunteers

Cabinet increases expense-allowance for volunteers
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Belgium's Council of Ministers has decided to increase the maximum amounts payable to volunteers who provide logistical assistance or help vaccinate the population against COVID-19.

A draft decree to this effect, approved on Friday by the Council, covers vaccination-centre volunteers and health-care volunteers, Belga News Agency reports.

Under the existing rules, which remain in effect until 31 December, volunteers may work up to 100 days a year in vaccination centres for a maximum daily allowance of €35.41, which amounts to an annual total of €3,541.

The draft approved on Friday increases the maximum number of days to 116 per year which, at the maximum daily rate of €35.41, translates into a new annual ceiling of €4,107.56.

Where testing and triage centres are concerned, the draft increases to 3,186.90 euros the annual cap on the expenditure allowance payable to healthcare volunteers for activities linked to the management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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